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Minitab Training - Apply Science

Minitab Essentials

Learn the essentials of Statistics. This course is a pre requisite to every other Minitab training course. You will learn descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics and the fundamentals of analysis of variance (ANOVA) and regression. While learning Statistics on the basis of real examples, you will learn to use Minitab, including common actions such as importing and preparing data, exporting results and managing your projects.

Specific versions available for:
  • manufacturing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • healthcare
  • medical devices
  • services
capability analysis - Apply Science

Statistical Quality Analysis

The popular training course for Quality Statistics and Statistical Process Control (SPC). Learn all you need to be operative with measurement systems analysis, control charts and capability analysis. Quality analysis is one of the strongest features in Minitab and this course will provide the knowledge, tips and tricks that every quality specialist and quality manager will definitely love and use.

Specific versions available for:
  • manufacturing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • healthcare
  • medical devices
  • services
Design of Experiment - Apply Science

Factorial Designs

Your first step with Design of Experiments (DOE). This course will introduce you to the amazing and dramatically efficient world of designed experiments. You will learn how to design an experiment, run it and analyse data to build a model of the system yo are investigating. DOE is natively oriented to optimisation. It is the most solid and efficient statistical tool to optimise processes and products. You will understand how DOE saves your time and money while granting the best way to success.

Specific versions available for:
  • manufacturing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
Reliability Analysis - Apply Science

Introduction to Reliability

Much more than a simple introduction, this course will provide all the skills you need to collect data for reliability analysis, model your data and quantify survival/failure probabilities. Also, you will learn how to predict warranty costs and how to schedule data driven maintenance for repairable systems. These and many other topics in this challenging and amazing course! 

Multi Optimisation - Apply Science

Response Surface Design

Your second step with DOE. This course will show new designs, called Response Surface Designs, which are required to model curvature and thus optimal settings for your system. Also, you will learn how to optimise multiple responses and practically learn the concept of sequential experimentation, that maybe is the very essential core of DOE philosophy.

Hard to change factors - Apply Science

DOE in Practice

An advanced course that reveals many useful additional topics of DOE. Learn how to minimise response variability, while keeping its value on the desired optimal target. Discover new designs, such as Split Plot design and Screening Designs and see how to optimise costs through DOE. An intensive course that covers many details belonging to real life and advanced use cases.

Mixture Design - Apply Science - Minitab Training

Formulation and Mixture Designs

An advanced training course about DOE. This one is dedicated to chemistry and to every situation where you want to investigate the effect of ingredients proportions on a given response. From food, to plastics, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy and any situation dealing with the optimisation of a response on the basis of a formulation. The course is a “must have” in every chemical industry!

Accelerated Life Testing - Apply Science

Advanced Reliability

An intensive advanced training course on Reliability analysis. You will learn how to compare probability distributions and overall how to manage accelerated life testings, which are commonly a real need in many industries. 

Additional Topics in Statistical Quality Analysis

An advanced training course on Quality Statistics. Learn new control charts designed for short run processes, stable processes and rare events. Discover the so called between/within analysis, that will add an interesting and useful dimensions to your capability analysis and to your control charts. Learn how run sampling plans and to compare measurement instruments. There are really many topics out there to be discovered in this course!

Statistical Modelling - Apply Science - Minitab

Statistical Modelling

An advanced training course about data modelling and statistical learning. Topics include advanced details of ANOVA and new methods for regression modelling, such as non linear regression and logistic regression. The version dedicated to services comes with a complete chapter about time series analysis and modelling.

Specific versions available for:
  • manufacturing
  • services

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Luigi Roggia

Why training with us?

Our trainers actually are senior Data Science consultants. We do what we teach for more than 10 years, not just teach. That’s an incredibly important difference!

We have years of experience in successfully solving real use cases. And all this experience is offered to you during our training courses, helping to keep things real and practical, easy to understand and ready to be used in your business.

Luigi Roggia

Our Minitab trainer is Luigi Roggia, a senior consultant in Data Science and one of the main experts in industrial Statistics, who is holding Minitab training courses since 2007. In 2018, on behalf of GMSL, the Italian exclusive Minitab reseller, Luigi was examined by Minitab in Paris and acquired the title of Certified Minitab Trainer.


“I have worked with Luigi to introduce DOE methods in the R & D phase of industrial machinery and in the analysis of the results aimed at modeling the automatic processes and predicting their behavior on the basis of the experimental results. His contribution was fundamental for the technical knowledge of mathematical and statistical tools and even more in supporting the team in the engineering interpretation of the phenomena. He has excellent interpersonal skills that allow him to interface with varied professionalism and to involve all the actors on complex subjects. A precious industrial partner!”

Domenico Polidori – Head of Engineering and R&D – Coesia SpA

“Cooperation with Luigi started in 2015, in these 2 years he become the best person I can seek help and advice from when I get involved in complex data science pre-sales cycle of our Analytics technologies. Not only he is extremely knowledgeable about statistics and mathematical modelling, but also he owns specific domain expertise in many business verticals. And, he is very well-reputed within the exigent community of data scientists. It is really a great pleasure to work with Luigi, I hope we will be developing further business opportunities in the future.”

Massimo Milano – Director, solution consultants – TIBCO Analytics

“Ho avuto modo di collaborare recentemente con Luigi nella progettazione e nella realizzazione di un corso di Minitab. Oltre a constatarne la grande preparazione ne ho potuto apprezzare la capacità di suscitare attenzione e partecipazioni su un argomento certamente non semplice, calandosi facilmente in realtà molto differenziate.”

Marco Baratta – TPM Manager – Gruppo Bauli

“Ho avuto l’occasione di lavorare direttamente con Luigi durante un evento PTC. In un contesto molto tecnico è stato capace di coinvolgere non solo il target interessato ma anche l’audience meno esperta. Ottime capacità comunicative unite ad un background tecnico e culturale di rilievo, spero che la chance di collaborare nuovamente si ripeta presto!”

Elisa Lajolo – Sales Business Development Manager – PTC

Luigi has been mentoring digital health startups for OA Acceleration program from Zcube research venture for 4 years now, and has delivered an incredible value to the program itself and directly to our startups! He has a great talent to explain complicated matters in an insightful and understandable way, and to guide towards the right direction never judging or directing but rather inspiring to unlock full potential and to take right decisions for the progress. Luigi is a true professional as a data scientist but also as a mentor, and I am more than happy to recommend him!

Aurelija Galvelyte – Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Zambon

“It was a pleasure working and learning new ideas from Luigi. In addition to his mathematical and statistical expertise which is backed up by experience of working on diverse projects, I appreciated the fact that he keeps things focused on what the use case adds to the business user and how he can use the final data product.”

Andre Vella – Chief Technology Officer – Paddle

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