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Covering every aspect of applied Statistics, from quality Statistics to process optimisation and product reliability.

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For the easier and most complete application, we strongly suggest TIBCO Statistica, yet our courses can be based on any of the main softwares and languages.

Basic Statistics - training by Apply Science

Basic Statistics

Learn the basis of Statistics, from data collection to descriptive analysis and statistical tests. Make the correct graphs and communicate insights. Then dive into ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) and learn to create regression models based on your data.

Quality Statistics - Apply Science

Statistical Quality Analysis

The top selling popular training course for quality control and quality improvement. Learn measurement system analysis, control charts and capability analysis. A must have for quality professionals!

Factorial Design - Apply Science

DOE – Factorial Design

An absolutely popular training course that takes you into world of design of experiment. Factorial designs are at the basis of DOE and are extremely useful in most optimisation and research projects.

Advanced DOE - Apply Science

DOE – Advanced Designs and Topics

Your next step into the secrets of DOE. In this course you will learn Response Surface Designs, Hard to Change Factors design, definitive screening, sequential experimentation and many advanced analysis and guidelines that will open new important ways to optimisation. 

Mixture design - Apply Science

DOE – Formulation and Mixture Designs

Wherever there is chemistry, this advanced and very specific type of DOE is the best approach to response optimisation, granting important savings and solid results. Study and model the effect of the proportion of ingredients on a given response. Apply to food, pharmaceuticals, tessile, every chemicals, metallurgy.

Reliability Analysis - Apply Science

Reliability Analysis

Learn how to evaluate the reliability of your products. Predict warranty costs and volumes. Schedule the maintenance of repairable systems. Understand how to use Weibull distribution. Run accelerated life testings. All these topics and even more in this stunning course on reliability analysis!

Tree regression - Apply Science

Statistical Learning

An advanced training course that will clarify many aspects of ANOVA and provide many more details and techniques for regression modelling. This course is pretty much similar to a machine learning course and will provide professional skills in the art of learning from data.

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