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TIBCO® Statistica

TIBCO® Statistica is a professional tool for data scientists, statisticians and every data analyst who needs to get useful insights from data.

With TIBCO® Statistica you can connect to any data source, prepare and enrich data, run statistical analysis, create machine learning and even deep learning models, call the most powerful libraries such as H2O and Spark MLlib, design and run workflows eventually including your own R and Python code and deploy models and results to Spark, to databases, or to other tools.

Stay focused on creativity, intuition, exploration and business

No code required, no time wasted, no confusion in your pipeline, no limit to your resources

Easy and powerful

With TIBCO® Statistica designing and running your data modelling pipelines is as easy as drag and drop. Every data science algorithm, big data analytics library or statistical analysis is ready for you to select and add to your workspace. Then just connect your nodes as you like, set parameters and run it all: results and reports will be automatically created for you.

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What it does

Industrial Statistics, quality control and improvement, statistical learning, reliability analysis, machine learning, deep learning, ETL, data viz, workflow automation, big data analytics

Target users

Statistica is a professional tool designed for statisticians, data analysts, data scientists and for all those looking for a smart technologies integrator dedicated to data driven and digital innovation

Why we love it

The most complete tool for data analysis and modelling, covering statistical, machine and deep learning, offering both R and Python integration and low code visual tools, for normal and big data

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Technology integration

TIBCO® Statistica lets you use the main data science libraries: just select the function and drag and drop it in your workspace. Also, you can add your own code in R, Python and C#, creating unique pipelines that combines all these technologies in the same workspace. No IT worries, just drag, drop, connect, run and enjoy results.


Quality design, control and improvement; predictive maintenance and prescriptive analytics; process and product optimisation; reliability analysis; Six Sigma

Life Sciences

QC, QA and PQR, quality by design; CFR 21 compliant; clustering, classification and multivariate analysis; stability studies and statistical tests; data integrity


Machine learning; categorical data analysis; client and product profiling and clustering; text analysis; churn prevention modelling; recommendation systems

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Pharmaceutical Compliance with TIBCO® Statistica

TIBCO® Statistica is specifically compliant also with pharmaceutical guidelines: one more strategic and distinguishing point added to its long feature list.

Click here to read more about Pharmaceutical Compliance with TIBCO Statistica®

The best solution for a real and tangible data driven innovation

TIBCO® Statistica is part of a technological ecosystem that will accelerate your growth 

Data driven solutions

TIBCO® Statistica comes with every algorithm you may need: ready to use, no code, extremely easy, fully documented. Need more? no problem, you can add your own models, procedures, functions and algorithms using either Python or R, or even both working together in the same workspace.

The output of your analysis and workspaces will be rich and detailed, including also VBA, PMML and C/C++ code that you can use to export models and deploy your solution in your production environment.

TIBCO Statistica - Apply Science

Loved by data scientists and statisticians

TIBCO® Statistica covers statistical learning, machine learning and even deep learning 

A quick video overview

In this video you can have a global overview of TIBCO® Statistica, also called “TIBCO® Data Science Workbench”.

You can find other Statistica tutorials visiting our YouTube channel.

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Apply Science is an official TIBCO partner. Moreover, our statisticians and data scientists have senior experience and advanced knowledge of the tools and methods implemented in TIBCO software. Contact Apply Science to:

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