Learning and Doing Data Science for Business

Professional Skills and Efficient Methodology

We have some practical courses on technologies and a full exclusive practical methodology

Learn Data Science - Apply Science

Learn and use Data Science with us!

We have two kinds of approaches to Data Science training. Our product EDS Ⓡ is a complete methodology, that covers every detail about Data Science and its real application to business. On the other hand, we have some specific, top selling training courses, that cover technical aspects of Data Science, starting from the very basis and ranging to advanced topics. Custom learning tracks are available as well, we will be more than pleased to talk with you about your specific educational needs.

The full learning track for Data Science

Rich with modules and contents, designed for managers, business people and scientists

EDS - Efficient Data Science - Apply Science

Efficient Data Science Methodology

EDS Ⓡ is an educational product, developed on the basis of more than ten years of experience in Data Science consulting. Years successfully working on real business use cases. This practical and usable methodology covers every useful detail to efficiently introduce Data Science in your company, or to optimise your current Data Science team.

Learning and doing Data Science with R

Ranging from courses for R beginners to specialization courses. Advanced courses cover both specific analysis topics and programming techniques.

Data Science with R - Apply Science

Data Science with R

One of our top selling course. This amazing learning experience will dive you into the principles and main tools of Data Science. You will also learn to work with R language, which currently is the most mature language for Data Science for business.

Report Design - Apply Science

Data Visualisation and Beautiful Report Design

A must have for every data scientist! You will learn the best guidelines and techniques to create stunning data visualisations and to create business oriented and successful reports. This is the best way to promote your work.

Shiny Dashboards - Apply Science

Dashboards and Cloud Solutions with R

A dashboard is what really makes your work usable by business people. Designing and deploying clear and professional dashboards is one of the main responsibilities for data scientists today. This training course will give you all the skills you need to create beautiful web dashboards using R and Shiny. 

Efficient R programming - Apply Science

Efficient R Programming

This course will take you further in the science and art of creating professional data products, ready for production environments. When research and development ends and it’s time to create a solution, that is the time for the topics you will learn in this module.

Big data with R - Apply Science

Big Data Analysis with R

We live in the era of data. Sometimes data is really big and you need specific techniques and technologies to work on it. This course is what you need for a successful and efficient analysis of big data. 

Parallel Computing - Apply Science

HPC, Parallel and Distributed Computing with R

There is not only big data, there are also situations where data is not big, but computing is intensive. Those situations require the skills and technologies that you will learn in this advanced learning course.

DevOps R - Apply Science

DevOps R

An advanced hot topic, that is a mandatory tool for Data Science teams and a collection of techniques and technologies for developers and IT specialists. This 2 days course will give you all the practical contents you need to master DevOps with R.

Advanced Shiny Application - Apply Science

Professional Shiny Programming

This advanced course will provide all the skills required to design, deploy and manage production level solutions based on R and Shiny.

Professional Programming - Apply Science

Professional Programming

Coding is a mixture of art, science, technology and guidelines. This course provides the topics you need to master to turn yourself into a professional developer.

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are professionals, that actually do what they teach, daily working on real use cases.

Training on the job

Custom programs can be tailored on your specific needs and your real use cases.

Solution integration

We can help to integrate the new technologies with your current or future ecosystem.

Luigi Roggia
Andrea Melloncelli - Apply Science


Our trainers are experienced data scientists, consultant professional, with solid scientific backgrounds and technological know how.

Luigi Roggia

A senior consultant in Data Science and one of the main experts in applied Statistics, who is holding company training courses since 2007. Master’s Degree in Physics, specialisation in Biophysics, European Master in Bioinformatics. Lead data scientist for enterprise companies, teacher at the University of Lugano for the Master in Data Science and Quality by Design, scientific mentor for Zambon Open Accelerator program. Click here for LinkedIn profile.

Andrea Melloncelli

Andrea works as a Data Scientist Consultant and Trainer. Andrea teaches Statistics and how to use statistical software to solve business problems. He taught in University courses in Milano Bicocca and Milano Cattolica and has experience of on-the-job training in some major companies. He is an expert Data Science programmer. His expertise ranges from calculus sheets to programming software depending on the type of problem to solve. He has a solid experience in R, Python and Scala programming and development, along with extensive skills in Unix system management, IT automation tools, cloud technologies and big-data platforms, such as Hadoop & Spark. Andrea graduated in Physics from the Università Degli Studi Di Milano. Click here for LinkedIn profile.

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