The Methodology for Efficient Data Science

What is EDS ®

Our product EDS ® is a full, detailed and frequently updated methodology to introduce and efficiently use Data Science in your company. Data Science is the mandatory ingredient for Digital Innovation. EDS ® is an organised methodology that will give you the mindset, the skills, the guidelines that will grant you an efficient way towards real digital innovation and data driven decisions.

EDS - Efficient Data Science - Apply Science
Data Science tools - EDS

Why EDS ®

Data Science and Digital Innovation are continuously growing and changing. There are so many tools, ideas, principles, theories and terms out there, that moving the first steps can be a real nightmare and lead to expensive and macroscopic errors!

Using EDS ® will let you save time and money, guiding you to success in digital innovation, thanks to the real and successful experiences that gave birth to EDS ®. Don’t waste your money discovering hot water, let us help you with our senior experience and formally organised solution.

Business oriented

EDS ® is designed to get revenues from data. Outcomes must be usable by business. Pure research and useless approaches are avoided.

Real experience

EDS ® is based on more than 10 years of real experience on successful use cases and is intended to provide real experience in its application.


EDS ® covers the full stack, from mindset, to team and project management, to technology and technical skills.

How it works

When you will invest on EDS ®, one of our senior consultants will join your team, helping you to understand and really apply all the principles and guidelines included in EDS ® educational material. Basically, it is a training on the job. Not just theory and amazing words. Things are used and applied together. You will learn EDS ® contents and apply it to your use cases. While doing this, you will have at your disposal the cross field and successful long experience of our consultant.

EDS on the field - Efficient Data Science - Apply Science
3 layers of data science - Apply Science - Luigi Roggia


EDS ® teaches and covers all the three layers of Data Science, thus providing a complete journey towards digital innovation.

  • Definition of Data Science and related terms
  • The fundamental rules of Data Science
  • Principles of 3 layers of Data Science and data alchemy
  • The data driven mindset
  • How to create a Data Science team
  • How to manage the interaction with existing ICT
  • How to manage Data Science team and projects
  • How to communicate results and insights
  • Design and optimisation of data lakes
  • Working with machine learning, deep learning and AI
  • Avoiding the common errors of data scientists
  • Agile development for Data Science
  • Team working and great coding
  • Data valuation and monetisation
  • Technologies and technical skills
  • Data products, reporting and dashboards
  • Optimising the interactions with domain experts
  • Future: Quantum Artificial Intelligence

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