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Geo Master - Apply Science

Data Science for Geo Analytics

Geo Master is our solution for geo analytics. Developed in partnership with Master Information, based on TIBCO Spotfire, this product brings real digital innovation in every business where geo referenced data is strategic.

This is not another geo analytics solution, Geo Master is the solution that applies artificial intelligence to a rich dataset of geo referenced data to address specific business use cases.

Artificial Intelligence

We use Data Science models to classify, clusterize and predict. Using artificial intelligence makes Geo Master much more than classical visualisation and descriptive analytics.

Geo referenced data

Our dataset is constantly updated and comes with all the main socioeconomics data, together with full geographical and business activity details and financial indicators.

Leading technology

Geo Master is based on the most advanced and scalable geo analytics tool, that let us focus on business and contents, granting full efficiency, scalability and powerful features.


Geo Master is fully customisable and can be connected to your pre existing data bases and models. Many features are natively available, such as:

    • investigate the economical evolution of a territory
    • find similar areas on the basis of socioeconomic indicators
    • find an optimal location for your business
    • analyse the risk associated to a specific territory


Geo Master can be distributed as a service, hosted on a secure cloud, or installed on your own servers. The application is fully modular. Integration with pre existing information systems is granted, as well as the possibility to export tables, forecasts and graphs.

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Data products and modern solutions for digital innovation are a brand new kind of applications. They can be customised, they are highly scalable and have a never seen before attitude to system integration.

So, telling every possible feature of such a product is almost useless. It is much more convenient to talk about it focusing on specific business needs. Your business needs.

This is the reason why we would really love to discuss with you what you are looking for, or what kind of use case your are facing.

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