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We are a Data Science company with cross field experience and relevant seniority. Our consulting and education services are making digital innovation real and successful since 2007. We optimise your investment on data with leading technologies, strategic know how and artificial intelligence.

Apply Science is a Brembo supplier. We are proud of supporting Brembo Data Science and Digital Innovation Team with our expertise in data engineering, data science and analytics.

Apply Science - Brembo
Data Science Consulting - Apply Science


Think of us as your agents that constantly explore and create technologies, innovation, use cases and strategic solutions and then bring all this experience to you, to grant success to your data investment, to save your time and money, to accelerate your ROI and dramatically reduce your risk. That is what senior consulting means. This is our job.


Over ten years of successful training in Statistics, Data Science and data driven solutions. The key ingredients of our success are a great attitude to communication and the fact that we do not just teach, we actually do what we teach, so our experience is real and what we teach is weighted by real life and is definitely practical. You will learn from data scientists that are on the front line every day for years.

Corporate Training


Senior consulting and experienced training bring strategical benefits

Maximize ROI

We ensure that you get the best vantage from your data investment. Our experience will suggest the best successful use cases and the smarter ways to achieve your goals.

Minimize risks

We help ensure your success and avoid costly rework and errors. Use the right approach, the right technologies and architecture and the right resources.

Shorten ramp-up time

Knowledge transfer and mentoring are part of our consulting. Given your goal and our experience, we can suggest the fastest way for a successful journey.


Data Science is where mathematics, information technology and domain expertise meet each other

Statistical Process Control - Minitab - Apply Science


Process control, improvement and optimization, predictive maintenance, prescriptive models, Quality Statistics, real time monitoring. These are some examples of our experience in manufacturing, where Statistics and artificial intelligence can definitely make a huge difference.

Apply Science - digital innovation for pharmaceuticals


Quality assurance, lead discovery, Biostatistics, Quality by Design, data integrity, CFR 21, product quality review, formulation design and optimization, process optimization, data mining and Bioinformatics. Together we can make digital innovation real in Pharma industry.

Apply Science for Healthcare


Precision medicine, early and correct diagnosis and clinical data analysis. Healthcare is such a complex business, that artificial intelligence is the strongest approach we have to improve our knowledge and application. We are on the front line of Data Science for Healthcare.

Apply Science - chemicals


Chemistry, from food to plastic, is a challenging industry where formulation and process optimisation require a combined analysis. This industry is like manufacturing plus specific advanced features. We have all the skills to bring Digital Innovation to chemical companies.

Geoanalytics - Apply Science


Marketing, finance and supply chain. Churn prevention, customer profiling, logistics optimisation, recommendation systems, campaign optimisation, geo analytics, socioeconomic based models, sentiment analysis. Human and markets behaviour is the application field of Data Science.


Digital Innovation is a cultural revolution made possible by technology and know how

We strongly believe in partnership and we are proud of our technological and scientific partnerships with TIBCO, IBM and Festo Academy.

Apply Science TIBCO Partner
Apply Science IBM partner
Festo Academy - Apply Science

Research and innovation

We are active players in designing the future of innovation

Apply Science - quantum computing

Quantum Computing

Apply Science is an IBM partner for Quantum Computing. In particular, our research is focused on learning how to develop artificial intelligence on quantum computers, with specific effort on neural networks and drug design. We think that artificial intelligence will become somehow actually intelligent only when it will be quantum artificial intelligence. Our research operates in a mixed domain where Quantum Physics, Data Science and neurology meet each other.

Apply Science - brain Innovations

Brain Innovations

Apply Science is one of the co founders with Dr Lazzaro Di Biase and Università Campus Bio Medico di Roma, of an innovative start up, named Brain Innovations, which is focused on early and correct diagnosis of Parkinson disease and on the personalised therapy of the patient. All the patents at the basis of the project are based on artificial intelligence and a solid domain expertise. Brain Innovations was also awarded during the Open Accelerator program by Zambon.

Let’s talk!

Data Science can do so many magics an data innovation is such a wide revolution, that the best thing to understand how YOU could improve revenues, reduce costs and risks and create innovation, is to talk with us, so that we can dive into your real needs and give back to you useful and successful ideas, based on real experience and similar cases.