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Years of real experience at your disposal

Education is a fundamental part of our work. But we are not teachers, we are professionals, we do things in real world, we build our experience through practical application to business use cases.

So, when we teach something, it is always something we have really experienced, really done, thus with a solid connection to reality and a granted applicability.

Since 2007 we have successfully trained literally thousands of people, while continuously increasing and improving our experience and knowledge.


We are using and teaching Statistics since 2007. Our training courses cover a complete range of arguments, from basic statistics to the most advanced design of experiment and reliability analysis. Our course programs are tailored for different business areas: manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and services.  We can use any of the main statistical tools, such as Minitab (official Minitab training programs and materials), TIBCO Statistica (official TIBCO partner), R and Python.

Statistics training courses - Apply Science - Luigi Roggia
Efficient Data Science - Apply Science - Luigi Roggia

Data Science

We have developed a product, called EDS (Efficient Data Science), which is a full methodology covering every single aspect you need to know to introduce and efficiently use Data Science in your company. From building up your Data Science team, to detailed protocols to manage projects, set up tools, interact with existing ICT, talk to business and get the best from Statistics and machine learning.  

Custom programs

Courses can be tailored to match exactly what you need, both for contents and tools.

Training on the job

We can use your data and your use cases. Learn while solving real problems!

Learn onsite or online

Courses can be either onsite or online, we are well prepared for both cases!

Language and software

Courses can be either in Italian or in English. The software can be Minitab, TIBCO Statistica, R or Python.

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