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Welcome package

You have a great opportunity to switch to the ultimate tool for statistical analysis and data science: welcome to TIBCO statistica!

If you already have another commercial tool for statistics or data science and decide to switch to TIBCO statistica, you will immediately get:

  • 10% discount on Statistica licenses

  • Free getting started training

  • 30% discount on our training catalogue

  • Support for data migration

Why should you switch to TIBCO Statistica?

In few words: for an impressive improvement in your data driven strategy

  • Powerful and easy to use

    Statistica is designed to work with normal sized datasets as well as with big data. It is fast, scalable and yet extremely easy to use. It is a professional tool made usable both for technicians and business people

  • Complete and customisable

    Statistica provides over ten thousands of functionalities ready to use, ranging from statistics to machine learning and big data analytics. Also, it can be customised with additional functions, menus and automatic pipelines

  • Real time and automatic reporting

    With Statistica you can monitor any kind of signal, also in real time and create automatic procedures for reporting and alerting

  • The best technological ecosystem

    Statistica is part of a great technological ecosystem of fully integrated tools: you can connect to Spotfire for the best visualisation experience, get data from any source, integrate R and Python functions, export results and models to other languages, apply H2O and Spark functions with simple drag and drops and much, much more…

  • As simple as drag and drop

    Statistica workspace dramatically simplifies your work: you do not need to learn technical things, you just use them and get clear and usable results. Drag and drop the functions, connect them with your mouse, click run, get a full report with all the results you need

TIBCO Statistica - features

Contact us for further details, or for a personalised quotation, or for a demo. Just send an email at:

info @ applyscience.it


Discount on licenses


Discount on training catalogue


Getting started training


For data migration

Terms and conditions

In order for the welcome package to apply, you have to:

The terms and conditions of the promotion are as follows:

  • The promotion is applied to TIBCO Statistica Desktop exclusively
  • The discount on the training catalogue is applied only if the trainings are ordered contextually with licences
  • The free getting started training is a 2 hours online live course
  • The data migration support is intended as guidelines, consultancy and best practices