In partnership with IBM

Apply Science is partner of the IBM Q Experience Business Program.

Our role in the partnership with IBM is to learn how to develop code for a quantum computer for products and services in:

  • quantum artificial intelligence mainly focusing on quantum neural networks
  • virtual drug developments

We are the first Italian company exploring these topics in partnership with IBM.

Apply Science IBM partner


Join us now and support the most innovative and promising technological challenge!

IBM Quantum network

What is Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is about using a new specific type of hardware to run algorithms. The new hardware we’re referring to is called a quantum computer, because it is based on the laws of Quantum Physics, in place of classical transistors.

Quantum Computing leads to new incredible horizons, from definitely faster performances to a physical better capability in solving specific tasks, such as neural networks and molecular optimisation.

Apply Science & Quantum Computing

Apply Science is extremely interested in Quantum Computing, to the point that we have a dedicated division that is currently pure research about using quantum computers to create the future of Artificial Intelligence, namely Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI).

What today is pure research, is meant to become product development in the future. The applications we are interested in are Quantum Neural Networks and molecular optimisation for drug design.

Why should you invest on us?

According to Gartner, Quantum Computing is one of the top ten strategic technology trends for 2019. Many public and private investors are pushing this trend and the global interest is going to increase quickly in the next few years.

The problem with Quantum Computing is that it is definitely complicated! Working with this technology requires important skills in Quantum Physics and programming and, when applied to artificial intelligence, Data Science skills as well.

That said, Apply Science is a Data Science company, founded by two physicists and enforced by the work power of professional developers and scientists ranging from Physics to Statistics.  We have all the advanced skills required to face the challenge of Quantum Computing. Moreover, we really love it!

Apply Science key features:

  • Founded by Physicists
  • Data Science experts
  • Professional developers
  • Scientific company
  • 18 years experience
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Key domains expertise

Together we can really make the difference!