Life Science and Apply

Our interest in Life Science is definitely strong and deep.

Our team has an important background in Life Sciences, as we have on board scientists coming from Biophysics, Biostatistics, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

We apply Data Science, Statistics and mathematical models, mainly focusing on:

  • Early diagnosis
  • Precision medicine
  • Biostatistics for pharmaceutical R&D and clinical studies
  • Quality by Design and Statistics for the FDA guidelines
Apply life science

Running Projects

Blood Biomarkers

We are developing an artificial intelligence integrated system that is designed to get the best insights from blood biomarkers, in order to help doctors to identify the most probable diagnosis and the better therapies.


We are applying artificial intelligence to metagenomics data, in order to get a better diagnosis and a personalised therapy. This project will merge with Blood Biomarkers project to get the best personalised portrait of the patient.

Parkinson Early Diagnosis

In partnership with our colleagues at Brain Innovations, we are developing an integrated system based on artificial intelligence, able to give an early and reliable diagnosis of the Parkinson disease.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine, or personalised medicine, is definitely the future of medicine, because its goal is putting the single patient at the center, building a personalised therapy exactly for that given person.

This approach provides both an incredibly better efficiency for therapy and relevant savings.

The magic is made possible by advanced statistical analysis of many data and by the fine tuning of complex mathematical models. That is why precision medicine requires data science more than everything else.

Our projects “Blood Biomarkers” and “Metagenomics” are both working in the direction of precision medicine and can be applied to an incredibly wide set of diseases!

Apply Science - precision medicine
Apply Science - precision medicine

Why do we need precision medicine?

Medical science is a statistical science. Life uses variability as a strategy to survive, but on the other hand, this variability that makes each of us unique, represent a hard challenge for medicine because everyone reacts in different ways to diseases and to therapies as well.

Precision medicine addresses exactly these kinds of issues deriving from variability. And variability itself is strictly a statistical concept, so Statistics is mandatory for a scientific and efficient study of both diseases and therapies.

Variability lives among data, that’s where Statistics and Data Science apply and that is why next generation healthcare must be data driven. Our Life Science Division is working in this exact direction: we want data to drive us towards the best personal diagnosis and therapy.