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Apply Science

Data Science, Statistics, AI & Industry 4.0

Apply is a scientific company dedicated to applied mathematics.

We apply mathematical methods and models to business use cases, helping our clients to invest on data. Investing on data is made possible by Data Science and Statistics, which are our main skills, built through more than 20 years of direct experience in data analysis and quantitative modelling.

Time and real use cases have granted us an important domain expertise in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and marketing.

Machine Learning by Apply Science



Our mission is to help our clients to invest on data: 

  1. Designing and developing intelligent and secure data lake
  2. Applying Mathematics to get useful information from data
  3. Gaining business knowledge from information
  4. Helping the business to make data driven decisions



Our target is to become the best business partner for applied Mathematics and Statistics. We are working to make mathematical methods from Physics available to business. Our dream is to bring AI to a next generation level through the combined study of Quantum Physics and Neurology.



Apply is one of the pioneer companies investing in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information research. This is a fundamental part of our vision: we are interested in studying and developing Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI).

Specialised Divisions

Consulting, Life Science and Quantum Computing

We have a Main Division, focused on consulting, as well as two specialised divisions: check them out!

Consulting 70%
Products 20%
Research 10%
Consulting 30%
Products 50%
Research 20%
Consulting 0%
Products 10%
Research 90%


How we can be useful for you

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Technology requires mathematics and expertise more than it requires money

The future belongs to those companies that will understand the mandatory strategy of investing on data. Investing on data is a matter of getting useful informations from data and making the gained knowledge usable by the business. Well, this chain of values, which is deployable only by means of Data Science and Statistics, is exactly our work..

Data Science

Our main activity, the science and art of turning data into revenues. We have a method, we have a protocol, we have all the technological partnerships and senior skills to get great values from your data.


We are certified trainers and consultants for Minitab in Italy, through our associate GMSL. We have a real, practical and full know how about quality statistics, Design of Experiments, statistical modelling and Six Sigma.

Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning and neural networks can help to solve complex problems, like computer vision and speech recognition. We are among the few pioneers of quantum computing, which will bring a total revolution in AI.

Industry 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution is the main application of Data Science, AI and Statistics. Apply is your “must have” partner if you are planning to ride the 4th revolution, as we have skills and experience.

Big Data Analysis

We can design and implement your data lake, creating real values from big and non big data. We apply mathematical methods from Physics to big data, getting the best both in terms of information and dimensionality.

Data Products

We can design, develop and deploy great dashboards, that will make Data Science easily usable by the business, through enterprise quality cloud solutions provided by our technological partners.

Data science 3 layers by Apply Science


Highly qualified specialists

Luigi Roggia

Luigi Roggia

CEO & data scientist

Master’s Degree in Physics, specialisation in Biophysics, European Master in Bioinformatics

Stefano Polastri Apply Science

Stefano Polastri

CTO, data architect & data scientist

Master’s Degree in Physics, specialisation in Astrophysics

Chiara Vincenzi Apply Science

Chiara Vincenzi

CFO & market analyst

Degree in Communication Sciences, Minitab solutions expert

Angela Agostini Apply Science

Angela Agostini

CMO, marketing & qualitative data analysis

Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences

Ivano Izzo - Apply Science - Design for Six Sigma

Ivano Izzo

Six Sigma & Design for Six Sigma

PhD, Biomedical Engineering

Daniela Ceriani

Daniela Ceriani

Quality by Design & Project Management

Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies

Giulia Ciardi Apply Science

Giulia Ciardi

Data scientist & statistician

Master’s Degree in Statistics, specialisation in Biostatistics

Carolina Locatelli Apply Science

Carolina Locatelli

Data architect & data scientist

Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

Mattia Lorenzetti - Apply Science

Mattia Lorenzetti

Big Data Engineer & data scientist

Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Danilo Benetti

Danilo Benetti

Big Data Engineer & data scientist

BS, Engineering Physics

Luca Biasibetti Apply Science

Luca Biasibetti

Data scientist

Master’s Degree in Mathematical Engineering

Davide Oliva Apply Science

Davide Oliva

Marketing & domain expert

Master’s Degree in Economy and Finance

Gabriele Di Salvo Apply Science

Gabriele Di Salvo


Custom analytics solutions Minitab based

Federica Brembati Apply Science

Federica Brembati

Administration & logistics


We strongly believe in partnership

Apply Science TIBCO Partner
Apply Science IBM partner


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